London Courses

Level 1 Course (Beginners) - 12 weeks

The Yoga in Daily Life Beginners Course teaches Sarva Hitta Asanas from Level 1 – postures and exercises that are good for everyone. This course provides you with all you need for your ongoing practice of Yoga in Daily Life.

Loosening your body, the joints, and your mind, the exercises are designed for the complete balance and awakening of energy in body, mind and soul. Experience yoga postures, breathing techniques known as pranayama, meditation and relaxation, along with the basic philosophy of yoga and healthy living.

Recommended for beginners and those returning to their yoga practice, especially those who are new to the system Yoga in Daily Life.

Level 2 Course – 12 weeks

Deepen your awareness and establis a regular practice of asanas, relaxation, pranayama and meditation by progressing to Level 2 of the Yoga in Daily Life system.

This course is suitable when you have completed the YIDL Level 1 Course or at least three months of Level 1 drop-in classes. Your yoga teacher can provide guidance on when to progress.

Meditation Course - 8 weeks

This course will provide an introduction to self-enquiry meditation as practiced in the system of Yoga in Daily Life and is suitable for those new to meditation as well as those wishing to develop their practice and experience the benefits of meditating in a group setting.  Attendance at all sessions is advised, but it will also be possible to attend meditation classes individually. Drop-in students are welcome.

Yoga For Back & Core – 12 weeks

The Yoga for Back and Core course offers a therapeutic exercise system that focuses on improving mobility of the spine and joints while building muscular strength and stamina. Other benefits include improving poor postural habits, which can lead to back pain, and restoring muscular balance.

This course covers six out of eight progressive levels. Each level contains stretching and strengthening, breathing and relaxation techniques to help control stress and tension. The programme has been developed through collaboration over many years between the author Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, specialist doctors and physiotherapists.

Great for getting back into physical activity or improving a regular practice. Open to everyone.